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Learn The Singing Drills Of Great Singers

Everyone can become a really great singer.

Yes, there are those fortunate ones who seem to be born with the skill to sing beautifully. The act of singing itself is like a natural consequence of their existence in this world. The rest of us become mere wannabes.

However, this shouldn't hinder you from fulfilling your dream of becoming a good singer, no matter how ordinary you may sound today. A wannabe can become the next star, just like in what we see in talent searches today.

Everyone has the potential to become a good singer. Singing, as considered in science, is also a vocal exercise that comes naturally because we are human beings. It just needs some proper training and attention to make the potential become a reality.

Singing Drills

There are actually drills that can help a simple wannabe become a great singer. Even the great performers of today are still doing these singing drills to maintain and improve their skills.

They do the drills to improve their range, to practice their breathing and to preserve a good singing voice. Without these usual exercises, their performances won't be extraordinary.

Here are some of the drills to consider:

1. Breathing Exercises These exercises are important to be able to control the breathing properly during singing. Pauses and sudden stops in a performance isn't good. You must know how to breathe correctly to coordinate it with the vocal chords.

2. Vocalization Vocalization prepares the vocal chords for other singing exercises. It is like warm up in physical exercises. It prepares the senses for further listening and singing activities.

3. Posture Exercises Many people don't expect this. However, posture is very important in singing. It allows the body to support the whole effort in singing. Furthermore, this provides a good projection during performances.

4. Developing the Ear for Singing This one shall train the wannabe to have a good perception of the songs he or she hears or makes. This helps them hit the right tune.

5. Learning Lyrics Lyrics are important in singing. The words are important in the overall performance as the message of the song depends on it. Thus, training on how to learn the lyrics well and delivering them in proper diction is imperative.


Training and practice with these singing drills may sound simple and basic. However, these are the very tools that shall make a wonderful singer out of you until you are a wannabe no more.


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