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Be Found Not Lost During Small Game Hunting

There are very simple and basic ways to keep from getting lost in a forest or area where small game hunting is done.

The most common and the most convenient thing to do is to look over your shoulder as you tramp into the forest or woods.

Do as what Hansel and Gretel did.

Try to remember the way you got in, because it probably will be the same way you will want to use to get out. Prepare and use some markers to use to mark the areas and paths you have traversed. It makes you more comfortable going through the woods if you have a clear idea of exactly how to get out.

Remember a land mark

Take note of a tree or a relevant or significant bush in the forest. This helps in keeping tabs on where you are located exactly and help in determining where you might be going.

Pick up any litter that you have created during your presence in the woods during small game hunting activities. Take away any litter or garbage you may find along the trail. Be serious during small game hunting and just as serious by leaving footprints, and only footprints.

Take note of the angles of logging-trails

Be observant when you are out in the woods. Besides thinking only of how to hunt game, it is advisable to know and remember the specific angles of the trails used for logging and how they branch out. This could prove to be a helpful tool especially when you find yourself game hunting in an area that is wooded.

Take note of the angles that are sharply formed by the trails because these trails are used to drag timber toward the road. Usually, this road means civilization, and of course a convenient way out.

Get a map

The most intelligent way to keep from losing one's way is by carrying a map of the specific place or area where the small game hunt is ongoing. Usually these maps are prepared and made available by the United States Geological Survey.

There are many simple and effective ways to keep on a path that is straight and appropriate to avoid getting off the beaten track. All one has to do is to be prepared.


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