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Safety Measures When Hunting

Hunting is a very popular recreational sport. It has evolved from a means of providing food into one of the most complex and dangerous recreational activities today. Hunting is no joke! Many people have been injured or killed when they were engaging in hunting activities.

Many of these injuries and deaths (maybe almost all of them) are the results of accidents. No hunter with a sane mind would deliberately shoot his companion or himself while hunting. This is why safety precautions must be undertaken by all hunters regardless of their age, sex or level.

This article tries to define some tips on how to properly engage and prepare for hunting.


One of the key features of hunting is that it involves different types of weapons. A hunter has the freedom to choose his kind and brand of weapon. However, this freedom should be accompanied by the appropriate responsibility of taking care of the weapons because they can injure or kill unsuspecting victims.

-Is the equipment right for the job?

There are different animals which can be hunted and there are different types of weapons to use for the kill. However, not all guns can be used to kill different kinds of animals. A hunter must bring only the weapons which necessary to kill his intended prey. This is not a war: no one should take heavy weapons on a hunting expedition.


A beginner must attend a required hunting school before engaging in hunting. He should not wait until the hunting season is just around the corner because hunting properly takes time to learn.

Hunting courses usually include gun safety in their lessons. They will also teach their students the proper care and handling of weapons. Hunters are not the only ones who would benefit from taking these classes; people who live in hunting areas will also benefit from them.


One of the basic safety rules is that hunters must treat a gun as if it was loaded at all times. Everyone has heard stories of people being killed because they thought that the gun was not loaded. Hunters are only humans, and human as we all are, we commit mistakes and we forget things but forgetting that a bullet has been put inside a rifle can claim a life.

The gun should be pointed away from yourself and from other people. If the gun suddenly goes off, it must be pointed toward an empty space where no one will be hurt.

A hunter must also ask himself if he targeting the right object. Many people have been injured because they were mistaken for being animals and/or prey.

A hunter must always keep his finger away from the trigger and its guard unless he is ready aim and shoot the prey. Accidental shots occur in real life and again, these mistakes can cost the lives of others.


Clothing is an important thing to consider when hunting. Wearing the proper clothing will prevent injury (especially when hunting with a bow). Proper clothing will also protect a hunter from other hunters. Wearing bright colored clothing (neon orange is preferable) can make a hunter easily identifiable to other hunters. Many people hunt in many areas, especially during the peak season, and the danger of being shot by another hunter is very real during these seasons.

-Ask permission

Asking permission from the owners of the land where one intends to hunt is a requirement before hunting. This will ensure that you are not trespassing in areas where you are not allowed to go. Having a talk with the owner of the land can also provide pertinent details regarding the land and the activities that occur on it.

-Let others know

When hunting alone, hunters should always inform others, especially his loved ones, of his location. This way, the loved ones have some idea where to look if the hunter is missing.

These are some of the basic precautions must be taken before engaging in hunting. The injuries and deaths which have resulted from negligence when hunting are real, and hunters should always put safety above anything else when hunting.


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