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How To Write An Effective Value Proposition

The headline is the main focus point

  • The headline must sum up all elements of value on offer so its easier to continue to the next part and rewrite the headline later.

Headline Summary

  • EXPAND on the headline - The headline and summary must highlight the primary reason why a prospect should buy from you
  • Differentiate yourself - You may match a competitor on everything but in at least one element of value you need to beat him
  • Value and strong points - Its this elements of value that you can offer that should be clear in your headline, this summary and points

Important Points

  • Best quality - You don't need luxury to set a best-in-class standard. It also lies in the SENSE of quality.
  • Bang for the buck - The golden rule is to communicating value relative to the price point.
  • Luxury and aspiration - A poor person need a luxury boost MORE than a rich person so you can use that.
  • Must-have - One of the most attractive value propositions are the must-haves and can even be basic goods.

Problem / Need Headline

  • The best is to focus on the "worst" problem, need, scenario etc to sort of remind the reader about his problem or need so that he can appreciate the solutions you provide in the next part even more.

Solution for Problem

  • Write a paragraph or two, three to provide solutions for this need or problem. If your headline can't highlight the problem / need enough, use the first paragraph to expand on that.
  • The ideal is to quickly summarize everything or refer to the initial value proposition but expanding on that so that it not only drill the most important points in again but also provide even more value with the focus on a need or problem solution(s).

What We Offer

  • The offer headline can be general like "What we can offer you".
  • The goal is to be clear about what you offer, what is included etc
  • It differ from above in the sense that it's clear and to the point
  • Value Proposition focus on what is in it for him
  • Solutions focus on what needs or problems you solve for him
  • Offers focus on what you offer him


  • Just for the sake of another nail in the coffin write a special bonus
  • It can be anything of some value for him without costing you much or anything at all and the mere percepton of something "extra" can also do.

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